Preparing your property for photography

Carefully preparing your home or rental property for photography will ensure that viewers are left with the best opinion of your property and will attract offers and bookings. Please read through the pointers below to help a successful, safe photoshoot.

  • Take a look around your property with 'fresh eyes' and try to picture what it could look like to a viewer.

  • De-clutter!  Things to store out of sight include; bins, dressing gowns and bath robes (usually found hanging behind bedroom doors), shoes and coats from the hallway.

  • Kitchens.  Remove everyday clutter from the work surfaces, such as washing up liquid, sponges, dishcloths, remove fridge magnets, dog bowls and cat litter trays. Flowers and a bowl of fresh fruit will also complement a kitchen.

  • Bathrooms.  Remove toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, soaps and shower gels, and instead put out new decorative soaps.

  • Tidy away cables as best you can, games consoles and remote controls. 

  • Gardens.  Remove children's play equipment if possible, clean outdoor furniture if needed, mow the lawn, and remove any cars from your drive.